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What is the real worth of art and who decides, who gets to decide?

Art is commonly attributed to a better world. It is almost risen to a godly sanctuary where the artist becomes the creator and the viewer - the parisioner who understands art through the enlightenment of the priesthood. Arts normality has been taken away (whether it existed in the first place is another discussion) and art has become a visual representation of life on a higher plane and in a higher form. The worth of art is said to reflect life's worth, which indirectly makes the art market the reflector of life, does it not?

The art market is based on the idea that art is indeed worth something and art sales must reflect the real worth of art. This is somewhat hard to define. Questions such as why is art valuable and is it truly so, what are the criteria for arts worth and the classical question; who decides who gets to decide arts worth? - are of interest. If arts value is indeed inherent the question that I ask is; why is it then that just certain art, that reaches the worthwhile and valuable class, is defined as art? Or is anything anyone claims to be art truly art?

These questions have been pondered upon since the visual image became a part of man's life but when reflected to the modern day art market the questions become truly interesting. The public art market (auctions) claims to sell the best art available and the evaluation is based upon a historical consensus of what is a) art and b) what is good art. The private market is in turn so private that evaluations are hard to make as among others researcher Olava Velthuis has summarised. When considering that the public art market is the definer and creator of value in art in the public mind, the fact that the art reaching this market represents only a few percentages of what is made should make people question the statement of the art offered being the best of the best. This further entails of course that no-one has ever seen all art made, which makes the art markets evaluation of good art it offers as an objective fact stand on some very shaky legs.

Clearly the issue of worth in art is no simple matter and always brings about interesting discussions as it is a subject which many in the priviledged western world have some opinion on. Arts value is however often unquestionable and its existence or right for existence is seen as part of its inherent value and in turn of course creates worth; if you have time, money and a possibility to concentrate on it, that is.

For all these reasons Factory Superstars was born. Factory Superstars brings more great art into the world and shows the people you may have either seen or not seen! The Factory is a melting pot of creativity and a meeting place for the makers and the buyers. Come and shop for some magnificent, unique, edited, useful, interesting, difficult, easy, fast, creative genius. The Factory enables you to decide for your self - and to have fun at the same time.

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Next Superstar event in Helsinki 30.-31 October at the Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1.


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